We offer a range of high-quality housing in both cities, and we have chosen to concentrate our commercial properties on Gothenburg. We take environmental issues and society’s increasing need for security very seriously indeed and we are always looking for new opportunities to build, develop and work more sustainably.

Apartments in attractive locations

We champion rental properties as a housing choice. They represent a flexible, worry-free housing choice for tenants, and they are important for the city. We are one of the largest private-sector landlords in Sweden with around 12,200 apartments in attractive locations in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala.

For us, responsible city development is just as much about developing existing buildings as it is about new construction.

— Hans Wallenstam, CEO Wallenstam AB

Commercial properties in attractive locations

In Gothenburg, Wallenstam is one of the city’s major operators and developers of the local market. The customer structure is stable and our broad range of properties is concentrated to Gothenburg’s inner-city and nearby areas.

Business process

Wallenstam builds, develops and manages properties and areas based on the needs of people and society, and according to the wishes and requirements of customers and shareholders. We create value growth through cost-efficient construction, development and management as well as a high level of service and long-term sustainability. Profits are reinvested and used to develop the business further. Shareholders receive a share of the profits in the form of dividends.

About us in brief

Number of properties: 210
Customers: around 12,200 households and 1,000 commercial tenants
Investment property value: SEK 64 billion
Market capitalization: SEK 33 billion
Occupancy rate, lettable area: 96%
Lettable area: 1.4 million sq m
Number of apartments under construction: 1,238
Number of wind turbines: 53
Number of employees: around 250
Markets: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala
Founded in 1944

The Wallenstam share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap.

Vision Wallenstam shall be the natural choice for housing and premises.
Business concept We develop and manage people's homes and workplaces based on a high level of service and long-term sustainability in selected metropolitan areas in Sweden.
Core values