Market shares rental apartments, Gothenburg

Property company Market share, %
Wallenstam 2
Poseidon 16
Bostadsbolaget 14
Familjebostäder 11
Stena Fastigheter 4
SGS Studentbostäder 3
Balder 1
Other 49
Total 100

Residential Property Rental Market, Stockholm

We manage around 4,700 apartments in the Stockholm region. The properties are located in attractive areas in Greater Stockholm from the central parts of town to inner suburbs such as Gröndal and Råcksta and neighbouring municipalities like Nacka, Sundbyberg and Huddinge. In Uppsala, we manage around 500 apartments. Rent negotiations in 2019 resulted in an average rise of around 2 percent.

Wallenstam is one of the major private operators on the Stockholm housing market. Our market share as regards apartments overall in Stockholm amounted to 2 percent at the beginning of 2019. According to JLL, the total rental market in Stockholm County amounted to SEK 26.4 billion (at the beginning of 2019) and will continue to trend positively moving forward.

Market shares rental apartments, Stockholm

Property company Market share, %
Wallenstam 2
Stockholmshem 9
Svenska Bostäder 8
Familjebostäder 6
D Carnegie 3
Stockholms Kooperativa Bostadsförening 3
Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder 2
Stena Fastigheter 2
Akelius 2
Micasa Fastigheter 2
Einar Mattsson 1
Other 60
Total 100

Commercial Property Rental Market, Gothenburg

Our commercial properties are concentrated in Gothenburg's inner city locations such as along the Avenyn and Inom Vallgraven. In all, we have around 900 commercial customers in Gothenburg. We have a good, stable tenant structure. Examples of commercial tenants are City of Gothenburg, Filmstaden, Essity Hygiene and Health AB and Gothenburg Regional Archives.

Wallenstam is one of the biggest operators on the commercial property rental market in Gothenburg, with a market share of around 8 percent. The market share is calculated on the basis of each property owner's floor space in relation to the total floor space in Gothenburg according to the JLL property consultancy.

Competition analysis commercial market, Gothenburg

Property company Floor space, sq m Market share, %
Wallenstam 439,000 8.4
Platzer 440,000 8.5
Vasakronan 370,000 7.1
Castellum 285,000 5.5
Balder 222,000 4.3
Other 3,444,000 66.2
Total 5,200,000 100.0