Renewable energy

In the beginning of 2013, Wallenstam became the first property company in Sweden to be self-sufficient in renewable energy.

We achieved this by building and running our own wind turbines with a total installed output of around 143 MW. By producing renewable energy through our 66 wind turbined, we contribute to reducing our own CO2 impact.

Environmental activities

Optimized operations
We optimize the operation of our buildings by updating control systems and regulators with more modern technology, which not only benefits our customers, but also the environment. Our technical installations are also gradually improved and developed in connection with new construction and conversions. We also run a forum with energy and operations consultants engaged by us as energy experts.

Environmentally sound technologies
The conversion to more environmentally sound technology is a continual process and these days only a marginal proportion of properties are heated by fossil fuel. And thanks to our investment in wind power, we are also able to offer all of our tenants renewable energy at advantageous prices.

Housing environment

Good housing depends on good communities. Peace of mind and quality are priority issues in and around our properties.

  • We maintain our focus on long-term peace of mind and safe, secure living through our own security department.
  • We create solutions that improve the social environment, social atmosphere, safety and security in our local neighbourhoods.
  • We are connected to Störningsjouren (a 24/7 organization that combats disturbances of the peace) in Stockholm and Gothenburg and we are actively engaged in a comprehensive quality, safety and security programme.
  • We collaborate with the Huskurage neighbourhood watch organization, which works proactively to prevent violence in close relationships through neighbourly cooperation.