Wallenstam strives for sustainability for individuals and companies. We work proactively with action plans to reduce our environmental impact. We invest in reducing our energy consumption and we are self-sufficient in green electricity produced in-house.


Our strategies are based on the three aspects of sustainable development: Financial, social and environmental responsibility.


Through good business development, a flexible organization and an optimal capital structure, we meet the demands of our business environment. We create value for customers, society in general and for the company through profitable property development in the right growth markets.


We contribute to a better society and take active social responsibility through building safe areas and showing respect for the individual, our customers and employees. We support vulnerable groups and contribute to active leisure and youth activities in the areas where we do business.


We strive for long-term environmental sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings, and to be self-sufficient in renewable energy through our own production. We are continually developing our products and services through commercial and environmentally-efficient property management and construction.

In addition to our comprehensive environmental work, we focus on peace of mind and quality both in and around our properties. We concentrate on security and work with customer-focused measures and action plans in our areas. By sponsoring popular youth sports programmes and making donations to relief organizations, we try hard to do our bit in contributing to a better society.

We promote sustainability through:

  • Energy efficient construction.
  • Reduce use of resources, e.g. by installinge energy smart technology and individual metering.
  • Continuing to be self-sufficient in renewable energy through our own wind power production.
  • Reducing our environmental impact every year, through initiatives within the focus areas energy, transports and resources, by the end of 2023.
  • Continual improvements in the environmental status of our properties.
  • Taking active social responsibility.
  • Creating value through profitable growth.


Work with identifying the environmental impact and social demands that surround our operation is constantly in progress. We have been approved for all Robur Ethica funds since 2006, clearly showing that the environmental and sustainability work we do provides results.
To present an even clearer picture to the market, we have chosen to report our sustainability work according the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI is a global framework for content, consistent language and metrics that contribute to clear, open communication in sustainability issues.

Click here to read our GRI Report 2018


Wallenstam maintains ongoing dialogues with its stakeholders through such things as newsletters, press information, financial reports, live presentations, frequent meetings, follow-ups, analyses, customer and employee surveys, brand analyses, investor surveys, etc. It is important for us to know how our stakeholders regard sustainability issues, and we also like to take the opportunity to talk about how we work to achieve sustainability.

Supply chain

In our business, we utilize the services of about 6,000 suppliers, including our Wallenstam Partners that perform property upkeep and maintenance, and building contractors that are involved in our new construction operations. We buy goods and services from energy, IT, and telecommunications companies, and borrow capital from banks. In addition, we use the services of consultants such as technical consultants and architects, and others. Often suppliers in turn use the services of subcontractors. 

Our suppliers are usually domiciled in Sweden, but for instance, sourcing of construction material etc. also occurs in other European countries and in the rest of the world.  

Our Code of Conduct emphasizes the policies and guidelines that govern the Wallenstam Group in relation to employees, customers, suppliers and partners. The goal is to have an environmental, social and commercial commitment in everything we do, which is based on compliance with laws and regulations as well as application of responsible business methods − characterized by high ethical standards and good business practice.

It is important for us that our Wallenstam Partners and suppliers work according to our values and in line with the way we conduct our operations, and we make efforts to train and inform our suppliers and contractors about the content of our Code of Conduct.