This is the rental process in our different cities:


Existing apartments: through HomeQ.
New-builds: through our own queue.

Existing apartments: through Bostadsförmedlingen.
New-builds: 50 % through our own queue and 50 % through Bostadsförmedlingen.

Existing apartments: through Uppsala Bostadsförmedling.
New-builds: our own queue and Uppsala Bostadsförmedling.

Wallenstam’s queue

We have our own free housing queue through which we mediate all or part of our newly produced apartments.

Once you have joined our housing queue, you will receive an account on My Pages. That is where you will find all information about your queue account, for example how many queue days you have or when you need to update your queue time. This is also the place where you can specify which cities or areas you are interested in.

My Pages is also where the rental process takes place; here you get information on how to express interest on each project as well as where you make and send in your apartment application when you find something you are interested in.

All information about our projects that are under planning/construction or available to rent can be found here (In Swedish).

Please note that the information on My Pages is in Swedish only.

Join our housing Queue

The rental process through our queue